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What is this Blog About?

Voice over blog tips, tricks, and advice

Do we really need another VO Blog?

The answer? No. And yes.

There are already a gazillion blogs, video channels, classes, courses, and webinars about how to become a voice actor, how to improve at the craft of voice over, and how to run your voice over business. Many of those resources are truly helpful…to the voice ACTOR. And there are so many that it can be like a giant echo chamber at times. 

But what about all the other people who affect the quality of a voice over product? You know, the writers/copywriters, creative directors, video producers, e-learning designers, and audio engineers that are often involved in projects that include a voice over component. As far as I can tell, nobody is helping THEM get the most out of the voices they hire. 

What Will I share on this VO Blog?

I will be sharing short, helpful tips for all those people I mentioned above — from the point of view of a successful, hard-working voice actor. As voice actors and voice over artists, we have been encouraged to be “directable”, easy-to-work-with, humble, and non-confrontational. I promise to be all those things, and a little more. I want to tell you things that many voice actors wish they could say, but don’t. We tend to take what comes to us, grateful to have the gig, and rarely offer up ideas or suggestions out of fear of offending someone and losing a client for life.

But I don’t believe it has to be that way. I believe ideas and suggestions can be offered up in a non-confrontational, non-critical way that is genuinely helpful and even downright friendly. After all, we’re all just people trying to do the best work possible. Why not do everything we can to make it even better?

I don’t have any grand plan or content calendar. I’ll simply post a tip whenever I run across something in my day-to-day voice over work that might work better with a little tweak. Or when something goes particularly well, I’ll explain why and give props to the people who made it happen. 

So, thanks for joining me on this journey. Let’s make some great VO together! And ALWAYS feel free to add your thoughts and comments. A conversation is always better when both sides participate!

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