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Friendly, Believable, & Positively Real Dad-Next-Door

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studio: +1 614-778-8396

There’s a reason super successful brands like Coca-Cola, Dell, Subaru, and Amazon ask Mark to help tell their stories. He’s the the trusted friend we invite to coffee for advice. He’s a friendly dad-next-door, lovable husband, and pickup driving dog lover — a been-there-done-that kind of guy whose voice invites you along for the journey.

A Broadcast-Quality Studio

Sennheiser MKH416

The industry standard. Heard on countless commercials, promos, movie trailers, and professional recording of all kinds.

Whisper Quiet

Custom-designed studio with professional-quality and eco-friendly materials from the acoustic experts at Audimute.


Source Connect Standard + fiber optic internet. Zoom, Skype, phone, and virtually any other platform also available.

Mark’s CREDITS Include:

About mark

Mark’s been a lot of things: An entrepreneur. Radio personality. Teacher. Waiter. Author. Podcaster. Courier driver. Dad. Husband. And countless other roles, occupations, and experiences.

Most days you can find Mark in his studio in Columbus, OH or his cabin on a nearby lake. He’s married, has two kids and a Great Pyrenees who loves to bark every time he tries to record.


Mark Henson
Studio: +1 614-778-8396

Columbus, OH, USA
Eastern US Time Zone (EST)